How I define independent

Hey, guys! How’s life? Great? Good! Technology now seems to be so damn helpful. Who doesn’t know google nowadays? You can find almost anything there. But is this mean you can just go by yourself and being independent? Then what independent really means? Doing anything by yourself? Independent doesn’t mean you can rely on your … Continue reading How I define independent

Can I have 25 hours a day?

Hello, again guys! How do you do? Fine? Very well, thank you. By the way, I seriously asking, how’s your day? I once thought, can I have 1 or 2 more hours a day? Can I have 5 minutes just to sleep? Why Mr…. (fill your Dosbing skripsi name) not just accept my thesis introduction? … Continue reading Can I have 25 hours a day?

Quarter-life crisis

Hey guys! Welcome, Take a seat, please   This is my very first post and I feel nervous (what?? No!). This journal would not truly describe what I really am because you have to know me before loving me (apasih qi -_-). Anyway guys, have you ever thinking of what you really have done in your life? It's like going … Continue reading Quarter-life crisis