How I define independent


Hey, guys!

How’s life? Great?


Technology now seems to be so damn helpful. Who doesn’t know google nowadays? You can find almost anything there. But is this mean you can just go by yourself and being independent? Then what independent really means? Doing anything by yourself? Independent doesn’t mean you can rely on your smartphone all the time to solve your problem. You have to be intelligent to make use technology wisely to meet your needs, instead of being an idiot who plays over your smartphone swiping on gorgeous girl you met on Tinder.

Being independent will give you so many benefits. First of all, yes, it will highly increase your self-confidence, because you trust yourself more and believe on your capacities to deal with the challenge. It also gives you social independence and dexterity, because independent doesn’t mean anti-social but sociability. How? You become more mobile and flexible, so you capable not only in one community or society. You can freely move and act on you most fit in, there are no boundaries on your current circumstances after all.


“Everything happens for a reason. Positive or Negative. You create for yourself”-unknown

Have you ever unsure of doing good things? For instance, you want to give a sit to older woman (or a beautiful lady sometimes :p) in KRL (Jakarta today’s MRT) or bus just because you are afraid people will judge you, or you want to buy a newspaper from a kid or an old woman but you doubt of publicly looking at you and showing “Ih apaan sih sok baik banget ini anak”. Do you guys ever feel this perception? You do not really confidence for what you want to do, even you know it’s the right things.

What do you think of having lunch or dinner, going somewhere, or just watch a movie in cinema alone? My friends (almost) all of my friend stated “hah? Sendiri? Jomblo banget sih qi” or “ih kasian nonton sendiri”. What is actually the problem of watching movie alone? When you watch it by yourself, you will never ever have to see a movie you didn’t want to see, right? Yes, obviously! I forgot when the first time I went to the cinema alone, but that time, I was afraid and the reason of my fear was simple. I didn’t want anyone seeing me on my own and assuming I was a loser with no friends. Considering they looking at me like “He is alone” or “He has no friend” etc. No friends? Really? But after I sat down and the movie started, all of my fear was disappeared and just gone away. I felt great to spend my time.

Watching movie on my own is one of my life’s greatest enjoyment. I don’t need to suit up, make appointment to others and at the end it cancelled, or have to experience that awkward silence in a group while trying to picking up things after the movie ended, and the best part is I can hang out with my friends to do some other things than only watch a movie.


“You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

I go solo traveling, hunt photo individually sometimes, go to the cinema alone, hanging out unaccompanied, and so on. When I did it on my own, it doesn’t mean I want to be separated or friendless. I know spending time by myself is important for relaxation and alone time. It could give me joy and happiness because I know all these come from inside of mine no other source. Again, happiness comes from within, we all responsible for our happiness, not others. I tend to listen to the voice inside more beneficial than berating opinions of others.


“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”. J.K. Rowling in her books, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.



(Photo location: Yogyakarta)


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