Can I have 25 hours a day?


Hello, again guys!

How do you do? Fine? Very well, thank you.

By the way,

I seriously asking, how’s your day?

I once thought, can I have 1 or 2 more hours a day? Can I have 5 minutes just to sleep? Why Mr…. (fill your Dosbing skripsi name) not just accept my thesis introduction? Why Mrs… (fill your dosen killer name) have to give all these tasks? Why is she not replying my message? (ups) Why all these happening to me?? Why??? (oposih qi -_-)

Then all your question will end to this

“how if, I got more than 24 hours a day?”

I know a man (actually he’s still young has baby face) who has full schedule on his daily journal over his entire college life. Guess who? Yes, me! Lol. I maybe not as busy as a Prime minister, an organisation’s president, or Peter Parker who has to stand by every 2.45 p.m for his internship program at Stark Industries (sorry for those who haven’t watch Spiderman yet :p ).


“We don’t build the lives we want by saving time. We build the lives we want, then the time saves itself” – Laura Vanderkam

This man spent nearly 18 hours of his day to go to campus (sometimes :p), have an or some organization(s) meeting, doing (read: copying) his tasks and field trip reports, come to a part time job, and playing PES with his loser friends (read: rozaq, diva, kevin, agung, momon, etc. lol). And 6 hours to sleep. What? Sleep?? He spent roughly his 24 hours a day and had no time to have conversation with his parents for at least 5 minutes? What a loser.

Yap, call him a loser.

He never has a breakfast with his parents (maybe once or twice) since all those activities hit him. Too bad isn’t it? Does anyone ever have this experience? For you who “ngekos” I know you can’t meet them, but have you spent your 5 minutes to hear your parents voice every day? But, no. I do not want to make “menye-menye” post. The point is

“Why we can’t make time?”

Let’s try to calculate, we get 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week. If you work 7 hours a day and sleep 6 hours each, so you will spend 77 hours (7×5 + 6×7) a week, so you have 91 hours a week or 13 hours a day to do other things. If you work 8 hours a day and 6 hours for sleep, you’ll still have 12 hours a day, so much time, right? But, with this plenty of time, people still think they need more time. Seriously?


“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” – William Penn

Who said we don’t have time? Actually, we just not giving priority to it. I am sure we can find time for what matters to us. How? Put it into our priority. If you want to spend more time to do exercise with your ex, have more time to watch a movie with your classmate, volunteer on the social program for 2 or 3 hours a week, you can. Because we don’t need much time to do an amazing thing. Sometimes small moments can have a great power and a bit of well spent time will give us a bit of joy. It’s all about looking at the whole thing and focusing on the positive stuff. Even if we are busy, we have time for what matters. And when we have time for what really matters, in the time we have got, we can build the lives we dreamed of.


“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”. J.K. Rowling in her books, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets



(Photo location: BSD City, Tangerang)


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