Quarter-life crisis


Hey guys!


Take a seat, please


This is my very first post and I feel nervous (what?? No!). This journal would not truly describe what I really am because you have to know me before loving me (apasih qi -_-).

Anyway guys, have you ever thinking of what you really have done in your life? It’s like going to campus, met your friends, have a meeting with your organisation(s) members, laugh and have a little conversation with your crush (oh, this really matters sorry, lol), or maybe finishing a pile of books in library with music turning on for 4-5 hours on your earphone, then it goes so fast until finally, you graduated. What??? Yes, graduated. Have you done something?

So this is what I found.

No. I haven’t found any girlfriend. Thank you for asking. (But some exes, lol)


First, life is no longer about doing one thing after the other this time, starting and ending a conversation, beginning or finishing a project without pretending to make some sort of meaning out of it. Thinking when we travel around or just layover that is twenty-four hours then we really start asking for ourself what the meaning of life in our reality is.

“Don’t follow your passion, make your passion follows you” – Terri Trespicio

Secondly, life is about being and existing. Everyone doesn’t want to be stucked in the future, yes we won’t. So how? You don’t create life and then live it, but you create it by living it, not organising it. Don’t wait for the problem, look for it then solve it. Contribute to others, help people. make your parents proud, then you’ll really exist.


“It’s always the simple that produces the marvelous” – Amelia Barr

Third, for me, this is what success is. Success consists of hard work, effort, prayer, and obviously a failure. These all are consequences for you who want to be labelled success. Sounds ambitious, isn’t it? But, I do believe that it can be achieved from a very small thing. For instance, make 15 minutes before going to campus just to get some small talks with your mom and dad, point out your agendas, impressed them with it, then you already succeed to manage your morning. Throwing garbage in its place, not in a hurry to go to the office because you woke up earlier, or maybe buying a newspaper on a crossroad just to see their smile because you’re the first person who buys it. Easy, right? Yes, it is.


“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”. J.K. Rowling in her books, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.



(Photo location: Seoul)


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